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To find out more about Dr. Joe's many jazz-influenced compositions, please visit Jazzmuze.com

Joe Utterback's commissions have come from both sides of the Atlantic. His compositions are based on his improvisational style, enhanced by jazz and classical influences. The following selected list presents Joe's compositional variety for commissions:

Tango for Organ
A colorful organ tango commissioned and premiered at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City by Dr. Andrew Shenton - a true tango with multiple rhythmic treatments, extended solo-stop passages, pedal solo, and dynamic flights of fancy.
Jazz Suite
A three-movement work - Dreamsong, WaltzSong, and Tuxedo Blues - for The Sartory Trio and performed at their debut in London's Wigmore Hall. The chamber music audience applauded so insistently that the piano trio repeated Tuxedo Blues immediately after as their encore.
An extended choral setting of the O'Shaughnessy text "We are the music makersà" commissioned by the choirs of St. Stephens of Port Washington, New York. The work was premiered along with a commissioned rousing arrangement of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, both conducted by Dennis Grannan for Autumn Serenade, with Dr. Utterback accompanying at the piano.
Jazz Rhythms
A charming set of duets for the beginning piano student and teacher - the student plays simple material with five-finger patterns; the teacher plays delightful and sophisticated jazz. Commissioned by Eve Dillingham, a New England piano teacher.
This song cycle for coloratura soprano and piano was commissioned by Sarah Arneson and George Kern of the Mozarteum in Salzburg. It was premiered in a Liederabend at the Schloss Frohnburg in Salzburg, Austria. As well, the couple premiered Evening Blues, an entertaining work for soprano and piano that includes scat singing indications and allows a classical artist to sing a rousing finale in authentic blues style.
Three Spirituals for Piano
Professor Stan Ford commissioned and premiered this set of spirituals in jazz styles for the Salzburg Seminar Concert Series at the Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria. A member of the Mozarteum faculty, he has performed the work frequently as have many church pianists.
Steal Away and Little David, Play on Your Harp
The organ pieces were commissioned by the choirs of the First Presbyterian Church of New Bern, North Carolina, to honor their organist Vance Harper Jones who celebrated twenty years of service to the church. Vance premiered them at the church during a morning worship service.
Moods and Blues
This set of three jazz pieces for students was commissioned by The New Jersey Music Teachers Association, Inc. for their annual competition in Princeton. A number of Joe's piano compositions were placed on the "Syllabus of Required Pieces" for the Young Musician's Festival, sponsored in March 2002 by The Schubert Club of Fairfield, Connecticut.
Improvisations on Gershwin'sPorgy & Bess
These four concert piano arrangements of Joe's own improvisations from his CD Gershwin: Porgy & Bess Jazz Suite were created at the request of David Allen Wehr, Gold Medal winner of the 1987 Santander International Piano Competition in Spain. Mr. Wehr performs this suite often in concert.

Recent compositions include works for piano, solo voice, accompanied STAB chorus, harpsichord, organ, piano and organ duets, solo instrument with piano or organ, instrumental ensembles.


"Today, as in the past, a new work of music represents the ultimate gift to celebrate a special occasion, to honor a deserving person or simply to enrich society. It demonstrates the humanitarianism, imagination and deep feelings of the donor. It is unique in the power of its meaning at the moment of the first performanceàin its growing value should further presentations and recording make it familiaràand in the chance that it will give the benefactor, along with the composer, a niche in immortality."
--John Duffy, President and Director, MEET THE COMPOSER, Inc.

If you wish to commission Joe Utterback, please contact his manager, Bill Todt at (732) 747 - 5227.

After an initial discussion with the manager, the composer will contact the commissioning party. Once they have discussed the work requested, his manager will confirm details of an agreement and discuss fees.

The agreement outlines:
1.  The composition requested
2.  A fee and payment schedule
3.  The commissioning party's rights
     A period of exclusive use
     Designation of the premiere performance
     Wording of the dedication
4.  The composer's rights
     Ownership of copyright
     Permissible use
     Publication and royalty rights
     Specification that the work is not "for hire"
5.  Time constraints

Joe's agreements follow the basic procedures outlined by Meet The Composer's Commissioning Music, A Basic Guide.

Contact Dr. Joe through email: jutterback56@aol.com
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